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Bachelor of Science in Biology (Biology of Global Health concentration) at Georgetown University - 2013

Masters of Public Health in Environmental Health Science (toxicology certificate/concentration) at Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University - 2015


Martyn Smith and Craig Steinmaus


While I am particularly intrigued by the role that both diet and the environment play in human health, my research interests focus on biomarkers of environmental exposures. I wish to better understand the role that exposures to known toxins have in influencing an individual's inflammatory status and predisposition to the development of chronic disease.

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Why I chose the Berkeley EHS program

I chose Berkeley’s EHS program because of the unparalleled faculty, innovative research projects, and unique location. I look forward to Berkeley's diverse course offerings that encourage the collaboration of students from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds. Ultimately, I chose Berkeley’s EHS PhD program due to the university’s ability to challenge students to explore their research interests independently, while providing them with the necessary support for innovative contributions to the field