Erika Garcia

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MPH, Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley, 2011
BS, Conservation and Resource Studies, UC Berkeley, 2009


My research examines how exposures in occupational settings may affect human health outcomes. As a component of my research, I am exploring various statistical methods available for modeling multiple co-occurring pollutant exposures, with the aim of applying multiple methods and evaluating result differences. This will aid researchers in understanding methods for approaching co-exposures, and hopefully make these methods more accessible such that they can be utilized in the appropriate settings.

Selected Publications

  1. Garcia E, Hurley S, Nelson DO, Gunier RB, Hertz A, Reynolds P. Evaluation of the agreement between modeled and monitored ambient hazardous air pollutants in California. Int J Environ Health Res 2013.
  2. Costello S, Garcia E, Hammond SK, Eisen EA. Ischemic heart disease mortality and PM(3.5) in a cohort of autoworkers. Am J Ind Med 2013;56:317-25.
  3. Hurley S, Nelson DO, Garcia E, Gunier R, Hertz A, Reynolds P. A cross-sectional analysis of light at night, neighborhood sociodemographics and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin concentrations: implications for the conduct of health studies. Int J Health Geogr 2013;12:39.
  4. Quach T, Varshavsky J, Von Behren J, Garcia E, Tong M, Nguyen T, Tran A, Gunier R, Reynolds P. Reducing chemical exposures in nail salons through owner and worker trainings: an exploratory intervention study. Am J Ind Med 2013;56:806-17.
  5. Gunier RB, Horn-Ross PL, Canchola AJ, Duffy CN, Reynolds P, Hertz A, Garcia E, Rull RP. Determinants and within-person variability of urinary cadmium concentrations among women in northern California. Environ Health Perspect 2013;121:643-9.

Why I chose the Berkeley EHS program

This department has faculty who are leaders in their respective fields and who care about the education and careers of their students. The staff works to create a sense of community in the department. Fellow students support each other and provide opportunity for discourse on a wide variety of research topics.