ARea of EXPERTISE: Global Climate Change

Changes to the global climate represent one of the greatest challenges for public health, and Berkeley faculty --  including Professors Kirk Smith, John Balmes, Jay Graham and Justin Remais -- are global leaders in climate change research, policy, and practice, emphasizing the characterization, projection and prevention of the adverse health impacts of global climate change in diverse populations.

EHS faculty and students generate new knowledge, conduct high-impact research, and disseminate policy-relevant findings on climate change impacts, strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and approaches for increasing resilience to climate change. EHS students pursuing M.P.H., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees who focus in this area receive training to become future leaders with the necessary technical and policy skills to combat climate change and its impacts, through strong foundations in climate science, health impact assessment, and the development of strategies to increase resilience to the impacts of climate change in communities around the globe.


EHS faculty have established strong collaborations across the University of California, with other academic institutions, with the State of California, with federal agencies, and with industry and community partners around the world to address the public health challenges that accompany changes to the global climate system. Our research and scholarship have contributed to a deeper understanding of the public health consequences of global climate change -- from changes to outdoor air pollution to shifts in the distribution of infectious diseases. EHS students have opportunities to train with the international leaders in this area across the University of California, Berkeley, translating climate change research into innovative public health policy and improving our understanding of the public health dimensions of this complex global challenge.