Guangquan (Jason) Su

 Jason Su, Associate Researcher, is a scholar in the Geographic Information System – Health and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (GIS-HEAL). Dr. Su specializes in air pollution exposure assessment, environmental epidemiology, physical activity and the built environment research. He utilizes his strong background in Geographic Information System (GIS) (first PhD), remote sensing (second PhD) and Microsoft developer certification for innovative geo-spatiotemporal model development and urban environment studies. He is not only interested in building spatiotemporal models using fixed site government routine and special purpose designed saturation monitoring, but also fascinated with using topic models to model mobile monitoring data, including data collected through tracking individuals’ locations in space-time and monitoring space-time asthma patients’ inhaler usage through smart phones. He has published more than 40 scientific papers and won the best paper issued by the American Chemical Society. Living on a small island in the San Francisco Bay, Dr. Su spends most of his off-office hours with two sons and wife sunbathing or biking on the beach.