The CRECER Project

Our primary goal is to follow the cohort of children who participated in the Randomized Exposure Study of Pollution Indoors and Respiratory Effects (RESPIRE) – Guatemala, longitudinally for a 5-year period to elicit the chronic effects of inhaled PM during the critical time window of infant lung development on respiratory health.

This recently concluded intervention trial randomized 500 rural Guatemalan households to improved plancha stoves (intervention) or traditional open wood stoves (control) and measured as the main study outcome, the incidence of acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) in children from birth to 18 months. In addition, extensive exposure assessment was performed and preliminary data suggests that the plancha stove has significantly decreased the levels of biomass smoke exposure inside the intervention homes. At the end of the trial, which concluded in December 2004, all control households were offered an improved plancha stove.

This randomized trial has created a unique opportunity to follow this cohort of children who had variable exposures to biomass smoke from birth to 18 months (critical time window for lung development) and observe the effects of these exposures on future respiratory health.

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