Area of EXpertise: Industrial Hygiene - Sample Curriculum

Below is a sample of a Two-Year Curriculum for a MPH IH Student:

Year 1: Fall Semester
PH 142 Introduction to Probability & Statistics in Public Health, 4 units
PH 200C Public Health Core Breadth Seminar (required only for MPH IH students), 2 units
PH 250A Epidemiologic Methods, 3 units
PH 270 Introduction to Environmental Health , 3 units
PH 270B Advanced Toxicology, 3 units

Year 1: Spring Semester
PH 145 Statistical Analysis of Continuous Outcome Data, 4 units
PH 270A Exposure Assessment & Control I, 3 units
PH 267B Characterization of Airborne Contaminants, 4 units
PH 298-000 Workplace Site Visits, 1 unit
PH 269C Occupational Biomechanics, 4 units
PH 276 Integrity in the Conduct of Research (required only for MS IH students), 2 units

Summer Session
PH 297 Internship (full time) (required only for MPH IH students), 3 units

Year 2: Fall Semester
PH 298-000 Occupational Health Clinic, 1 unit
PH 299 Occupational Safety/Fatality Case Analysis, 2 units
PH 272B Case Studies in Occupational and Environmental Epi [Elective], 2 units
PH 234 Green Chemistry: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 3 units
CE 265 Traffic Safety and Injury Prevention [Elective], 3 units
PH 269E Current Topics in Occupational and Environmental Medicine [Elective], 2 units

Year 2: Spring Semester
PH 220C Health Risk Assessment, Regulation and Policy, 4 units
PH 295-005 Exposure Assessment & Control II, 3 units
PH 200D Applied Public Health (required only for MPH IH students), 2 units
PH 271E Science and Policy for Environment and Health, 3 units
PH 272A Geographic Information Science, 4 units

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