Summer Cookstove Institute

Summer Cookstove Research Institute, Guatemala

Program Summary – August 1 – 5, 2011

The 2011 Summer Cookstove Research Institute (SCRIG) was a five-day training program in Antigua, Guatemala that provided theoretical and practical training to investigators from around the world currently engaged in cookstove research. The theme for the 2011 Institute was measurement and addressed methods for evaluating stove usage, human exposure and basic health indicators. The workshop concluded with an optional two-day trip to the Western Highlands of Guatemala where participants visited the CRECER/RESPIRE field site and the ONIL stove factory.

The 2011 Summer Cookstove Research Institute was organized by Prof. Kirk Smith’s Household Energy Research Group at UC Berkeley in collaboration with the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. Funding was provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Public Health Institute.

Workshop Summary + Evaluations
SCRIG Final Report (pdf), including evaluations pre-SCRIG Survey Results (pdf)

Workshop Presentations
Welcome + Framework Nick Lam
Study Design John Balmes
Defining and Measuring Usage and Adoption of Cookstoves Ajay Pillarisetti
Household Air Pollution Nick Lam
Personal Exposure Nick Lam + Ajay Pillarisetti
Global Health Impact of Air Pollution from Household Cooking Fires Lisa Thompson
Measuring Health Outcomes: Biomarkers John Balmes
Global Burden of Disease + the Comparative Risk Assessment Kirk R. Smith
RESPIRE Kirk R. Smith
CRECER John Balmes