Eunice Lee

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M.S., Harvard University                                                                                                                Environmental Health Sciences, Exposure Assessment

Master’s Thesis: Cost Benefit Analysis of Emission Control Technologies for Coal-Fired Power Plants in the U.S.

B.S., University of California, Berkeley                                                                                          Environmental Science

Senior Research Project: The Spatial-Demographic Association between Water Contact and Schistosomiasis Reinfection


Ellen Eisen


My research focuses on the long term health effects of traffic associated air pollution and noise on telomere length, as a bio-marker of oxidative stress in immune cells. I’m working on a longitudinal cohort study, Children’s Health and Air Pollution Study-San Joaquin Valley (CHAPS). CHAPS is designed to examine immune dysregulation of children living in Fresno, California,  the second-most air polluted city in the U.S. in terms of 24-hour particulate matter (PM) and the fifth-most air polluted city for annual PM. To estimate exposure to air pollution, I use both ground monitoring data and air quality dispersion model to estimate pollutants generated from automobiles. For noise exposure, I use the Federal Highway Traffic Noise Model (TNM) to predict annual average ambient noise levels.

Selected Publications

Lee, E.Y., Jerrett, M., Ross, Z., Coogan, P and Seto, E. (2014), Assessment of Traffic-Related Noise in Three Cities in the United States, Environmental Research

Seto. E.Y.W., Lee, Y.J., Liang, S., and Zhong, B. (2007), Individual and Village-level Study of Water Contact Patterns and Schistosoma japonicum Infection in Mountainous Rural China. Tropical Medicine and International Health, 12 (10), 1199–1209

Lee, Y.J. and Seto, E.Y.W. (2007), Environmental Noise, MacArthur Bart Transit Village Health Impact Assessment Report, Chapter 9, available via

Personal interests

Yoga, pure strength, hiking, camping, painting, reading cookbooks