Erin Milner

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BA - Environmental Science with a minor in Epidemiology and Public Health, 2007, UC Irvine

MS - Global Health and Environment, Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, 2013, UC Berkeley


Bob Spear- Environmental Health Sciences
Lia Fernald- Nutrition


My research interests lie in the link between natural resource use and nutrition in developing countries. My current research focuses on the environmental determinants of fishery production and how land use affects lake water quality. I am facilitating a study around Lake Victoria in Kenya assessing the impacts of fishery access on household food security, nutrition, and child development in surrounding communities.

Selected Publications

Milner, E.M., Fiorella, K., Hickey, M., Salmen, C., Omollo, D., Mattah, B., Magerenge, R., Brashares, J., & Fernald, L. (in prep).  Impacts of Fishery Access on Child Growth and Cognitive Development around Lake Victoria.

Fiorella, K., J., Camlin, C.C., Salmen, C.R., Omondi, R., Hickey, M., Milner, E.M., Omollo, D., Bukusi, E., Brashares, J.S. (in review). The “scramble” on shore: fish-for-sex relationsips in a context of changing fish access. Ecology and Society.

Nagata, J., M., Fiorella, K., J., Salmen, C.R., Hickey, M., Mattah, B., Magerenge, R., Milner, E.M., Weiser, S.D., Bukusi, E., Cohen, C.R. (in review). Around the table: Food insecurity, socio-economic status, and instrumental social support among women living in a rural Kenyan island community. Ecology of Food and Nutrition.

Milner, E.M. Fiorella, K., Hickey, M., Salmen, C., Omollo, D., Mattah, B., Magerenge, R., Brashares, J., & Fernald, L. Household Food Insecurity Associated with Child Development in Rural Kenya. April 2014. Presented at Experimental Biology Conference; San Diego, California.

Milner, E.M. Impacts of Lake Victoria’s Fisheries on Food Security and Nutrition. October 2012. Presented at Center for Global Public Health Conference; Berkeley, California.

Why I chose the Berkeley EHS program

I chose to join the Environmental Health Sciences department at UC Berkeley because of the variety of opportunities and resources the school offers. The department is interdisciplinary, allowing students to take courses in any field and collaborate with faculty and students in diverse areas. Moreover, at UC Berkeley, I value the opportunities I have had to conduct international fieldwork and design and implement research studies while also gaining project management skills. The campus community and diversity are rich and the academic environment is rigorous and challenging. Finally, the networks and career support UC Berkeley and the School of Public Health offer provide me with encouraging career preparation.

Personal Interests

Hiking, gardening, traveling, cooking, and aromatherapy.