Managing Household Hazardous Waste

Items like car batteries, irons, and rusty circuit boards are not supposed to end up in a garbage can, but many of them do. It's all household hazardous waste, because chemicals in these items are dangerous to human health and the environment. When people throw these things out, it becomes the problem of the county government. The California Report checks in with Santa Clara County to see how they manage their toxic trash. Adjunct Professor Thomas McKone is interviewed by KQED Radio News intern and EHS student Celia Harris.
During her summer internship, Harris provided research support to health reporters at KQED, contributed to news writing and assisted in production of the program "Health Dialogues." She interviewed McKone for her final project of co-authoring a feature story about the health and economic challenges related to management of household hazardous waste.
"Household Hazardous Waste," The California Report, August 9, 2007