Division News from the Chair

By Kirk Smith, EHS Division Chair
Welcome to everyone for the new academic year, especially to the new students and staff. I thought to update a number of things for your possible interest.
We will post division news like this one 2-3 times each term to keep everyone updated on division-related items.
New Students

Lesliam Quiros - Ph.D., Advisor: Mark Nicas
Martha Story - Ph.D., Advisor: David Rempel
Sarah Bates - M.S.-HED/Ph.D., Advisor: Bob Spear
Michael Clark - M.S./Ph.D., Advisor: Martyn Smith
Shannon Coulter-Burke - M.S./HED, Advisor: Kirk Smith
Jamesine Rogers - M.S./HED, Advisor: Kirk Smith
Nyree Bekarian - M.P.H., Advisor: Nina Holland
Ken Carrigan - M.P.H., Advisor: John Balmes
Yu Kuwabara - M.P.H., Advisor: Tom McKone
Elizabeth Laposata - M.P.H., Advisor: Kathie Hammond
Charles Laroche - M.P.H., Advisor: John Balmes
Sa Liu - M.P.H., Advisor: Kathie Hammond
Mark Powell - M.P.H., Advisor: Bob Spear
Shobba Sadasivaiah - M.P.H., Advisor: Nina Holland
A. Ryan Slakman - M.P.H., Advisor: Martyn Smith
Natalya Varshavkaya - M.P.H., Advisor: Mark Nicas
Jennie Walcek - M.P.H., Advisor: Bob Spear
Christina Wang - M.P.H., Advisor: John Balmes

Staff Changes Since Spring Term

Christine Erdmann left for a position at the University of Michigan
Matthew Forrest left for a research position at the Sangar Institute, Cambridge UK
David Pennise started as Research Associate with K. Smith's Guatemala Project
Zheng (Amanda) Yin started as a GSR with R Edwards on the China Stoves Project
Kacy Hone started as Payroll/Personnel Coordinator
Elisa Wakefield was promoted to Budget Assistant in A. Kyle's Environmental Public Health Tracking Center

Other News
Norma Firestone and Debbie Lowe are organizing an EHS social event on Sept 5 at 4-6 PM in 759 University Hall for everyone to come meet the new students. We look forward to seeing you there.
Dr. Maria Bastaki, in Nina Holland's lab, is organizing a once-a-week noontime EHS seminar series for the term, as you have probably seen from her emails. As these can be a valuable way to share information and learn what is happening elsewhere within the division, I trust everyone will make an effort to participate. Mondays at noon. Location TBA
There is a new listserver that taps EHS-related non-faculty, non-student researchers called "EHS_Researchers," containing names of people who have sometimes not been receiving notices in the past. This makes a total of 8 EHS-specific listservers now available:


Two EHS faculty will be on sabbatical in the fall: Bob Spear and Cathy Koshland. Among closely affiliated faculty, Allan Smith will also be on sabbatical.
I will be stepping down as division chair in January 2004 and Bob Spear will be taking it on at that time.
Featured Student Publication
Recent EHS Ph.D. Rosemary Castorina and EHS alumna Tracey Woodruff,
“Assessment of Potential Risk Levels Associated with US EPA Reference Levels,” Environmental Health Perspectives, 111(10), August 2003, 1318-1325.
If you have any suggestions for division activities or for other news that should be covered in this newsletter, please contact Norma or me.
Kirk R. Smith
Division Chair
August 26, 2003

Annex: New grants received since Fall 2002 Through EHS Business Office
Balmes, John R
DHHS CDC Centers for Disease Control
Centers of Excellence for Environmental Public Health Tracking
30-Sep-2002 29-Sep-2005
Buffler, Patricia A
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
New Approaches to Integrating Environmental and Health Data
1-Oct-2002 31-Oct-2006
Eisenberg, Joseph N
Cal EPA Water Resources Control Board
Measure Human Viruses in Treated Wastewaters
14-Jun-2002 31-Mar-2004
Eisenberg, Joseph N
NIH National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Environmental Change and Diarrheal Disease
15-Jan-2003 31-Dec-2007
Eisenberg, Joseph N
National Kidney Foundation
Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Preventing E. Coli Urinary Tract Infections
1-Aug-2002 31-Jul-2004
Eisenberg, Joseph N
Universitywide Aids Research Program
Development and Application of an Enteric Pathogen Microarray for the Characterization of Fecal Carriage Rates
1-Dec-2002 30-Nov-2003
Hammond, S Katharine
NIH National Cancer Institute
Service to Determine the Etiology of Lung Cancer in Xuan Wei County, China
15-Sep-2002 14-Sep-2003
Nicas, Mark P
Association of Schools of Public Health
Risk Assessment for Airborne Bioterrorism Agents
1-May-2003 30-Apr-2004
Ragland, David
Cal Office of Traffic Safety
Latino Traffic Safety Project
15-Mar-2003 14-Mar-2004
Robinson, James C
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Corporate Finance and Consolidation in Health Care
1-Sep-2002 31-Aug-2004
Smith, Kirk R
Shell Oil Companies Foundation, Inc
Standard Monitoring Packages for HEH Field Projects
31-May-2003 30-Nov-2005
Smith, Kirk R.
World Health Organization
Database of Indoor Air Pollution Studies in Developing Countries
1-Jan03; 30June -03
Smith, Kirk R.
United Nations Development Programme
Review of World Energy Assessment
1-Jan-03: 30-April-03
Spear, Robert C.
DHHS CDC Centers for Disease Control
Occupational Safety and Health Training Grant-Northern California Education and Research Center
1-Jul-2002 30-Jun-2007
Spear, Robert C.
NIH National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Local Strategies for Schistosomiasis Control
1-Jun-2002 31-May-2007