EHS Alumna wins first prize at GETA meeting

EHS alumna Weihong Guo won first prize in the graduate student category of the poster session of the Genetic and Environmental Toxicology Association of Northern California Spring Symposium. The meeting addressed stem cell applications in pharmacology and toxicology and was held May 24, 2005 in Menlo Park, California.
Her poster entitled "Genotoxicity of the benzene metabolite hydroquinone in human blood stem and progenitor cells" demonstrated that the benzene metabolite hydroquinone can induce DNA and chromosome damage in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. This is significant because it may be a key event in benzene-induced hematotoxicity and leukemia.
Guo based her poster on research she conducted while a graduate student at EHS. She completed her M.S. degree in Environmental Health Sciences in 2004 and continues her research in Martyn Smith's Molecular Epidemiology and Toxicology Laboratory at EHS.