EHS INTERNSHIP HERO: Sklar Works on Converting Human Waste Into Solid Fuels

Second year EHS student Rachel Sklar has been working with Pivot LTD, a start-up waste-to-energy company that converts human waste into solid fuel for cement plants in Mombasa, Kenya. Pit latrines are used by over 500,000 residents in Mombasa’s slums. When these latrines are full, emptying is performed manually by workers who dive into festering pits and subject themselves and the surrounding community to high levels of fecal exposure. The emptied sludge is typically buried in the community or dumped in local streams. Rachel’s project, funded by the Kenya Climate Innovation Center, aims to eliminate this haphazard dumping of human waste, and the public health and environmental threats that go with it.  Rachel is leading a team that is working on building partnerships with pit emptiers and optimizing safe sludge emptying and cost-effective transportation schemes. Read more on the Pivot blog.