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EHS: assessing exposure and health impacts; protecting the community and workplace.
Ellen A. Eisen
Adjunct Professor
Sc.D. Harvard School of Public Health, 1982
Ellen A. Eisen  
(510) 643-5310
(510) 642-5815
721 University Hall

Mailing Address:
School of Public Health
University of California
50 University Hall #7360
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
B.S. University of Michigan, 1971
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977
M.S. Harvard School of Public Health, 1978
Sc.D. Harvard School of Public Health, 1982

PH 272B Case studies in occupational and environmental epidemiology

Dr. Eisen's research lies at the interface between epidemiologic methods and applied public health, and bridges the fields of environmental health, statistics and epidemiology. She is particularly interested in applying innovative statistical methods to reduce survivor bias inherent in workplace based studies of disease. In her early work on occupational causes of accelerated decline in pulmonary function, she identified excess test variability of FEV1 as a biomarker of impaired respiratory health. The identification of highly variable tests as a potential source of selection bias, led to changes in the American Thoracic Society recommendations for standardizing spirometry. She has studied the health effects of workplace exposures in longitudinal studies of autoworkers, cotton textile workers, miners and aluminum manufacturing workers. She has promoted the application of splines to allow nonlinear exposure-response models for cancer and heart disease incidence, as well as chronic lung disease mortality. She is particularly interested in application of g-methods for addressing healthy worker survivor bias caused by a time varying confounder affected by previous exposure as well as left truncation.


Other Activities
National Academy of Science; member on Panels on "Asbestos:Selected Health Effects ", "Assuring safety of DOD mail", "Long term health effects of Mustard Gas and Lewisite"
National Cancer Institute Chair, Advisory Board for studies of "Low level effects of benzene exposure"
Semiconductor Industry Association , Science Advisory Committee
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Board of Scientific Counselors