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EHS: assessing exposure and health impacts; protecting the community and workplace.
Kirk R. Smith
Professor of Global Environmental Health
Associate Director for International Programs, COEH
Director of MS Program in Global Health and Environment
Ph. D. University of California Berkeley, 1977
Kirk R. Smith    
747 University Hall
Mailing Address:
School of Public Health
University of California
50 University Hall #7360
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360

PH 84 Environmental Disasters in Fiction- sophomore seminar (Sp)
PH 200C Public Health Breadth Course in Environmental Health Sciences (Fa) [description]
PH 271D Global Burden of Disease and Comparative Risk Assessment (Sp) [description]
PH 271G Climate Change for Health Scientists (Sp) [description]

Kirk Smith website: http://ehs.sph.berkeley.edu/krsmith/
Prof. Smith is Professor of Global Environmental Health and is also founder and coordinator of the campus-wide Masters Program in Global Health and Environment. Previously, he was founder and head of the Energy Program of the East-West Center in Honolulu before moving to Berkeley in 1995. He serves on a number of national and international scientific advisory committees including the Global Energy Assessment, National Research Council's Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate, the Executive Committee for WHO Air Quality Guidelines, and the International Comparative Risk Assessment. He participated along with many other scientists in the IPCC’s 3rd and 4th assessments and thus shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and is Convening Lead Author for Climate and Health for the 5th Assessment. He hold visiting professorships in India and China and bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees from UC Berkeley and. in 1997, was elected member in the US National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honors awarded to US Scientists by their peers. In 2009, he received the Heinz Prize in Environment.
Professor Smith's research addresses the relationships among environmental quality, health, resource use, climate, development, and policy in developing countries including:
  • Health effects of air pollution exposures in developing countries, particularly health effects in women and children from indoor air pollution due to household fuels;
  • Measurement of health-damaging and climate-related pollution in developing countries, particularly from household fuels;
  • Development of smart, cheap, portable electronic monitors for exposure assessment in developing countries;
  • Implications for policy of the potential to achieve co-benefits (health and climate) from pollution control in developing countries;
  • Development and application of risk assessment techniques to developing-country environmental risks;
  • Development and application of conceptual frameworks to improve policy for and regulation of pollution, including the Environmental Risk Transition, Exposure Effectiveness (now called Intake Fraction), and Natural Climate Debt.

Recent Publications
List of publications is available at http://ehs.sph.berkeley.edu/krsmith