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EHS: assessing exposure and health impacts; protecting the community and workplace.
GHE student
"The Global Health and Environment (GHE) program provided me with a strong environmental health background and the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary skills and experience in the field. As a GHE student, I spent two summers on Mfangano Island in Kenya researching the impacts of ecological changes in Lake Victoria on livelihoods and child nutrition. After two years, I feel equipped to build upon a career I am passionate about in international environmental health."
- Erin Milner, M.S. GHE Student
M.S. in Global Health & Environment (GHE)
The Global Health and Environment (formerly HED) program is a unique, interdisciplinary, campuswide program based in the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
The objective of the program is to help people in developing countries achieve health, reach a reasonable level of well-being, and stabilize populations, while at the same time protecting the local, community, and global environments, are among the most compelling and complicated challenges facing the world community.
Students can look forward to gaining valuable skills. Among the most critical are:
  • an understanding of the sources, pathways, exposures, health impacts, and control measures for environmental pollutants and environmentally mediated infectious and parasitic diseases at the household, community, regional, and global levels;
  • an appreciation of the statistical and epidemiological techniques used to establish causal links between environmental contaminants and ill-health;
  • an ability to link environmental and health outcomes with population and economic development issues;
  • the capability to forge concise, analytically robust, and practical policy recommendations
Students will receive a master of science degree in Environmental Health Sciences through the GHE Program.
Further information is available on the GHE website.