Sally is an Assistant Researcher and a mathematician by training. She learned epidemiology on the job while working for four years at the Epidemiology Department of the Local Health Authority of Rome, Italy. During this time she was involved in two European Union-funded multicenter studies about air pollution and heart disease. She also studied the relationships between socioeconomic status and various health outcomes in the population of Rome. After a short summer course at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam sparked her interest in causal methods, she worked as a post-doc in the Causal Inference Program at the Harvard School of Public Health. In 2010 she joined Ellen Eisen's occupational epidemiology group at UC Berkeley, with the goal of applying the methods she studied in her post-doc to occupational cohort data. Her current research focuses on g-estimation of structural accelerated failure time models as a method of controlling healthy worker survivor bias. This area of research combines Sally's interests in (1) the health effects of environmental exposures and (2) methods for the proper control of time-varying confounders affected by prior exposure.