Student Research

EHS students pursue research in a wide range of areas, including indoor air pollution, occupational health, environment and infectious diseases, pesticides, food security and chemical regulation. Berkeley students are globally engaged, contributing to research and practice in settings as diverse as Kenya, Guatemala, India, China, Mongolia, the San Francisco Bay and across California and the United States.


Example Masters student research projects

A Health Analysis and Discussion of the IPCC Special Report 15 –  Stephanie Brinker, 2018

A campus-wide assessment of aerosol organic solvent products: the search for 1-bromopropane  –  Cassidy Clarity, 2018

Comparative Analysis of Domestic and International Glyphosate Carcinogenicity Assessments – Jesus Diaz, 2018

Review of The Effect of Race and Ethnicity on The Adverse Birth Outcomes Associated with Exposure to Particulate Matter – Sara Habiba, 2018

Health in the Paris Agreement: A Policy Brief on Leveraging Health as a Driver for Climate Change Policy – Theoren Loo, 2018

Development of a Mapping Tool to Promote Activities as an Alternative to SCU Drinking – Mary-Ann Niktas, 2018

Injury Experiences of Household Workers in California – Veronica Ponce de Leon, 2018

Investigating the Associations Between Increasing Apparent Air Temperatures and Term Low Birth Weight: California, 1999-2013 – Reina Rau, 2018

Pesticide Use of Vegetables Farmers in the Red River Delta, Vietnam: Health, exposures, and the case for continued research – Julia Rubin, 2018

War and Peace of Mind: Work Related Mental Health Outcomes in Humanitarian Aid Workers – Amishaben Thakkar, 2018

Coral Reef Degradation: Re-framing an Environmental Issue within a Public Health Context – Arianna Wassman, 2018

Analysis of Engineering Controls for Respirable Crystalline Silica – John Wright, 2018

Spatial Analysis of Locations where High-Frequency Motor Vehcile Accidents Occur in Alameda County – Uriel Garcia, 2017

Mercury Exposure in Residences, University Village, Albany, CA – Tyler Harris, 2017

Development of an Integrated WIFI Air Monitor – Michael Lucia, 2017

Socialeconomic and Environmental Risk Factors Associated with Asthma Emergency Department Visits in San Francisco – Kiana Said, 2017

2010-2014 Agricultural Usage and Trends of Organophosphate Pesticides in California – Alex Shi, 2017

Development Changes in 8-isoprostane in Children with Prenatal Phthalate Exposure and High Prevalence of Obesity – Vy Tran, 2016

The Contribution of Household Heating to Ambient PM2.5 In Peri-urban Beijing and its Population Exposure Implications – Jiawen Liao, 2016

Field Emissions of the TurboPatsari Insert: Can the Popular Be Made Clean– David Molmen, 2016

Temperature, Rainfall, and Diarrheal Disease in South India Children- Andrew Mertens, 2016

Effects of Occupational Heat Exposure on Traffic Police Workers in Ahmedabad, India – Amee Raval, 2016

The Biofuel Autoclave: A Medical Waste Solution for the Developing World? – Sarina Arnold, 2015

VPC Exposures in California Early Childhood Education Environments – Tina Hoang, 2015

Mind the Gap: The Effect of keyboard key Gap and Pitch – Heather Madison, 2015

Optimizing and Validation of Two CALUX Bioassays for Assessing Estrogenic and Androgenic Receptor Activity in Plasma of Mexican Women in Risk of Breast Cancer  – Sylvia Sanchez, 2015

Association between Small-Scale Fishery Participation and Severe Household Food
Insecurity: The case of Kenyan fishing communities on Lake Victoria
– Erika Gavenus, 2014

Environmental Determinants of Human Liver Fluke Transmission in Aquaculture Systems in China and Thailand – Tomás León, 2014

Small shot, big deal: Unrecognized perceptions of the use of injectable contraception in India – Anne Berg Villumsen, 2013

The Contribution of Household Solid Fuel Use to Ambient Particulate Pollution in a Village in Peri-Urban Beijing – Anna Zimmermann, 2013

Association between food insecurity and child cognitive development in Kenyan community on Lake Victoria – Erin Milner, 2013

Social and cultural factors modifying the transmission of Schistosomiasis in Yi communities of Sichuan Province of China – Qianyi Jessica Li, 2012

Lead content of retail jewelry: an analysis of products sold in California and the performance of state and federal lead regulations – Vanessa Coffman, 2011

Assessing and mapping determinants of vulnerability to heat waves in San Francisco – Courtney Smith, 2011

Profile of Electronic Waste Workers in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire – Georgia Green, 2011

  • “Spotlight Georgia Green: Effects of Exported E-Waste” – Berkeley Health Magazine, Fall 2011

Chronic Early Life Exposure to Carbon Monoxide in Woodsmoke and Children’s Neurodevelopment in Rural Guatemala: A Pilot Study – Linda Dix-Cooper, 2010

Coliform Bacteria in the Drinking Water of Highland Communities in Rural Guatemala – Andrew Slocombe, 2010

Research in the Genes and Environment Laboratory, concentrating on invitro genotoxic assays. – Michele Fromowitz, 2010

  • Fromowitz M, et al. “Studies on the Genotoxicity of 2,5-Dimethylfuran, a Potential Biofuel” Poster presented as part of the Society of Toxicology Annual National Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2010.

An Analysis of Black Carbon and Health Effects – Swati Sharma, 2010

Enhancing Exposure Assessment through Improved Markov Chain Indoor Air Pollution Models – Surakshya Dhakal, 2009

Ambient Air Quality Standards in Developing Countries – Candace Vahlsing

Air Pollution and Agricultural Burning – Rebecca Kehrer

Comparison of Nine Co-located PM2.5 and CO Monitors and Characterization of Airborne Particle Size in Wood-Burning Kitchens – David Dauphine

Monitoring Fuel Savings to Generate Voluntary Carbon Offsets from Household Energy Projects; Implementing the Kitchen Performance Test in Kampala, Uganda, as a Case Study – Evan Haigler

The Effects of Physical Space and Social Connections on Health Status in a Rural Ecuadorian Study Site, February 2005 – Sarah Bates

Impact of Improved Stoves on Indoor Air Quality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia November 2005 – Shannon Cowlin

  • Cowlin S, Kaufmann RB, Edwards R, Smith KR. “Impact of Improved Stoves on Indoor Air Quality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.” Energy Sector Management Assistance Program 2005.

Assessment of Exposure to Indoor Wood-Smoke using Biomarkers in Urine, February 2005 – Michael C. Clark

Exposure to Smoke from Household Cooking Fuel and Risk of Cataract Formation in Women: A Case Control Study, May 2004 – Amod Pokhrel, 2004

  • Pokhrel AK, Smith KR, Khalakdina A, Deuja A, Bates MN. “Case-control study of indoor cooking smoke exposure and cataract in Nepal and India.” International Journal of Epidemiology 2005; 34: 702-708. doi:10.1093/ije/dyi015

US involvement in foreign affairs: A media analysis, May 2003 – Elena Conis

Pediatric respiratory health effects of ambient air pollution, May 2003 – Jennifer Slotnick

Assessing & modeling exposure to indoor air pollution among rural women in Guatemala, February 2003 – Lisa Thompson
Presented at the Global Health Council Conference, Washington, D.C., May 2003

An analysis of pesticide information systems, May 2003 – Rachel Turner Williams

Evaluation of The Management of Bioaccumulative Fish Contaminants in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Watershed: Lessons for Developing a More Integrated Model, May 2004 – Trina Mackie

Reemergence of Schistosomiasis Japonicum in Sichuan Province, China: A pilot study – Ryan D. Johnson

Assessment of Cement Dust Concentrations and Noise Levels in a Cement Plant in Nicaragua – Aneilka Gonzalez Webb

California Burden of Disease Study: An Analysis of Mortality and Morbidity in California across Ethnicities – Myfanwy Callahan